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Join us for a free trial of any classes you are interested in. Classes run during the school terms and are paid for in blocks (or pro rata for late starters). Missed classes can be made up with any other group. All students are welcome to perform in our end of year no-sew concert and other community events throughout the year. Adult classes also run during term time but are paid for per lesson attended.

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Hip Hop & Urban Jazz
Age 5 to Adult
Want to learn the latest dance moves while grooving to your favourite tunes? Join our Hip Hop and Jazz classes. Great for all ages, Hip Hop teaches you cool moves like locking, popping, jerking and krumpin. Jazz is the style used by pop artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Kylie and in Musical Theatre shows like Fame, Hairspray or Chicago. Your class will include a warm up, centre work and routines in these cool styles.

Boys' Hip Hop
Primary School Age
This Hip hop class is tailored to the ways boys learn best. The class is highly active with lots of short dance segments punctuated with dance games. Girls are welcome to join this class too but the focus is on techniques and styles used by male dancers.

​​Age 3 to Adult
Whether young or mature, ballet is amazing for cognitive and physical development and for anyone considering a career involving any form of dance, ballet is essential.
We offer fun-filled Fairy Ballet classes for preschoolers (See below) and easy Ballet-fit for adults. Our Creative ballet program gives children a chance to improvise and imagine while establishing basic ballet technique. Children and teens can choose a single weekly general ballet lesson or undertake a more intensive program including pointe work for the budding ballerinas. Most exciting is our new ​PopBallet ​class for 10-14 year olds offering a blend of ballet technique and modern styles, danced to your favourite Pop music. Our teachers have trained intensively overseas and in Australia to bring you a safe, enjoyable and high quality program.

Age 5 to adult
​We provide singing coaching to prepare students for Musical Theatre and Commercial Pop and cover band performing. You can chose from private singing lessons or our group Pop and Musical Theatre Choirs. We will help you to build your performance and audition repertoire and coach you in how to develop a strong, healthy vocal technique.​ We cater to students of all ages. Song&Dance which combines 30 minutes of dance and 30 minutes of singing is popular with school aged children while youngsters can take part in Song&Dance Games or Fairy Ballet with Singing.

Lyrical and Contemporary Dance
Age 8 to adult
Contemporary Dance is a style of expressive dance which combines several genres including jazz, lyrical and classical. In our classes you explore fluidity versus bound movement, catch and release of energy, falling, leaping and turning. Classes entail a warm up, stretching, centre work, travelling progressions and routines performed to melodic, current popular music. Learn from Jodie Toogood, a pominent choreographer and performer in the Australian contemporary Dance Industry.​​

Parents with young children
So many parents don't get the chance to exercise when they are minding children. We have Dance-Fit, Hip hop and Ballet classes during daytime to which you can bring your children. They can copy along with mum or dad or play off to the side on our yoga mats.​​
School Based Groups
It is often difficult for parents to juggle work committments and activities for their children. As a qualified and highly experienced school teacher, Kat has been able to bring classes to schools. The groups are held for Prep to Grade 2 or Grades 3-6 students. Classes run for about 55 minutes. Children are called via the loudspeaker at the beginning of lunch. Missing children are collected by helpers. They eat under the supervision of their dance/singing teacher before beginning their lesson. Children only need a pair of canvas ballet shoes to protect their feet (we sell these for $20) and a pair of bike shorts/leggings if desired, under their school uniform. Children can choose from Pop Choir, Creative Ballet, Song&Dance and Dance (a Jazz, Hip Hop and contemporary blend). We also now have two auditioned groups: Extension Vocal Group (Grades 3 to year 7) and Extension Dance (Grades 4 to Year 8). Students perform at school and local community events and enjoy building cross-age relationships with other children. They are invited to perform in our annual no-sew concert. Children attending 3 or more classes per week are offered a main acting role in our annual concert at no additional expense. We work hard to ensure that all music and choreography are age appropriate and tasteful. The school groups are extremely popular and often sell out. In such instances, you can trial another group in the meantime and be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available during the year.

Agency and Youth Dance Company
Highly accomplished young performers aged 7 and up may be offered a place in our free agency. Our staff are well connected with the Professional Performance scene and can help you prepare appropriate repertoire and skills and enrol you for suitable auditions. Call to audition for our Youth Dance Company (Age 8to13) or our Junior Talent Group (Age 6 to 9). These groups represent our school in competitions and community events and enjoy learning at a faster pace.
Fairy Ballet & Singing and Toddler Song Games

Toddler and Preschool
Our fun-filled Fairy Ballet and Song Games classes are a real hit with youngsters and their families. Many parents make use of our open door policy, enjoying watching their children and making friends with other parents. If your child is a little shy, we do our best to help them feel welcome and confident in our classes. With so much research available about the positive effects of dance and music on children’s cognitive and physical development, why not give your precious one a chance to develop their minds and bodies while having a great time. Kat is highly experienced in music and dance for youngsters. Along with teacher, dance and music qualifications, she is trained in Kodaly music teaching and was a lead teacher for Mini Maestros. She devised and taught the popular Preschool Programs for Stage Works and Johny Young Talent School.

Preschool (3-5 Years)
Fairy Ballet begins with teacher-led ballet exercises to classical music. Students learn the French ballet names and attempt to position their bodies correctly, learning correct technique right from the start. They enjoy travelling steps such as galloping, skipping and polka and simple dances which combine their learning. The second half of the lesson will either be singing based or focused on Jazz dance as indicated by the timetable.
Singing:  In the second half of the lesson children learn to sing simple children’s folk, pop songs and nursery rhymes. Parachutes, instruments, circle games, puppets, ribbon sticks and visual aids help to bring the content to life. Students learn to identify dynamic changes and differentiate between beat and rhythm. They develop their ability to pitch in tune and project their voices.
Jazz Dance: Children learn short dances to songlets from popular children's music such as Hi 5, The Wiggles and The Fairies. They enjoy dancing with parachutes, puppets, ribbon sticks, elastics and other props. Circle dances and creative movement add an extra element of fun and creativity. 

Toddler Song Games: Music and Movement (1.5 to 3 years)
With the help of their parents, toddlers enjoy simple movement and song games to establish rhythm, pitch and to develop gross motor skills.  If established early on, children can carry these skills with them for life. They mirror the teacher to explore actions with different body parts. Activities with puppets, ribbon sticks, parachutes and visual aids help to bring the songs to life. Parents are encouraged to sing the class material with their children during the week to assist in pitch and language development.

Which class to choose? Flexible enrolment
​Age groups are an indication only and can be used flexibly. some toddlers can independently cope with the Fairy class and some preschoolers prefer the singing focus and parental support of the Song games class. The choice is yours. Children enrolled in Fairy Ballet are welcome to participate with their younger sibling in Song Games for no extra charge. If you miss a class, you are welcome to make it up with any group you wish. This helps to accomodate issues surrounding sleep and sickness.

What to wear
Enjoy a relaxed approach to uniform. Children can wear comfy clothes or a fairy / super-hero costume from home . You might like to purchase an optional tutu/costume we have for sale. This is also the costume used in the optional end of year concert for anyone wishing to perform. Ballet shoes are available for purchase at $20 per pair. You do not need to go to he trouble of making hair into a bun for girls, but we recommend you keep it out of the children's eyes.

Should my child perform in the concert?
​There is no intensive rehearsing. You can still remain in the class even if not performing and you will not even notice additional practising. An older child dances with the preschoolers on stage so that they can follow the movement without the stress of remembering alone. They perform first  up in the concert and then sit with parents to watch the remainder of the concert for free. Our shows run for 90 minutes and have a children's story tying the items together. This year's is about the adventure of a little mouse. The children adore the experience, finding it stress free and exciting.
Class times for bubs, Toddlers and preschoolers
Fitzroy Pool Group Fitness Room
Friday 11:45am Fairy Ballet and Singing 3-6 years

7 Adams Street Alphington
Monday 2:50pm to 3:20pm Song Games 1.5 - 3 years
Monday 3:20pm to 4:00pm Fairy Ballet and Singing 3-5 years
Wednesday 2:40pm to 3:10pm Fairy Dance 2-3 years
Wednesday 3:10pm to 3:40pm Fairy Dance 3-6 years
Saturday 9:30am to 10:00am Song Games 1.5 to 3 years
Saturday 10:00am to 10:40am Fairy Ballet and Singing 3-5 years